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Welcome to my private recording studio’s website (home recording studio), built with passion, consisting of a direction audio and a front shooting room, with professional audio equipment and condenser microphones.

The software that I have been using for years are Cubase and Wavelab equipped with many vst plugins for mixing and audio mastering.

Without music, life would be a mistake.

(Friedrich Nietzsche)
Sala di ripresa

I am available to perform collaborations, arrangements, recordings of voices, choirs or solo instruments. My recording studio is not equipped for simultaneous microphone recordings.

do you want to record your voice or your instrument? write me


If you have trouble mixing your song I can do it. Send me the separate audio tracks in uncompressed format and some references of how you would like your song to sound. Thanks to the experience of years of work, the evaluation of the sound through the various monitors that I have in the studio, I am able to obtain an excellent tonal and dynamic balance. The end result will be a stereo audio track in your preferred format.


That extra touch to give body, warmth and clarity to your songs, all thanks to the experience, the optimized hardware equipment and the continuously updated and renewed software.
If you want to make your mix sound really good you definitely need do not underestimate this phase.
The end result will be an improved stereo audio track in your preferred format.

Data sheet

Daw & Vst

  • Cubase e Wavelab
  • Waves Gold VST
  • CLA Classic Compressor VST
  • SSL E-Channel VST
  • Scheps Omni Channel VST
  • AbbeyRoad TG Mastering VST
  • WLM Loudness Meter VST
  • Audio Interface Tascam US-144
  • Recorder Tascam DR-05X
  • DAT Tascam DA30 Mk-II
  • DAT Sony E-670


  • Juno DS-61 Roland
  • TG-500 Yamaha
  • M3R Korg
  • Proteus 1-XR Emu
  • D4 Alesis + Ddrums & Pads Casio
  • D-70 Roland
  • Piano Gem 88 keys
  • Masterkeyboard Fatar Studio2001 88 keys


  • LXP-1 Reverb Lexicon
  • Expander Mixer Behringer
  • SPX900 Yamaha


  • NS-10M Studio Yamaha
  • 20/20 Event
  • 5C Auratone
  • n.2 Sony Amplifier


  • MC-740N Beyerdynamic
  • E-300 Cad Equitek
  • n.2 Akg SE300B + CK-93
  • SM58 Shure
  • SM57 Shure


  • K-270 Studio Akg
  • K-240 Akg
  • Sennheizer
  • Sony ecc.
  • Fostex 5 headphones amplifier

“Music in the voice of the soul. Remember that.”

Website creation

Creazione siti web

I also deal with the graphic design and construction of websites using the most famous cms such as wordpress or joomla, at every level such as the possibility of having your site as singer, music band, association or company.

Later you can expand the features such as the inclusion of an online store (e-commerce) with shopping cart, events calendar, streaming audio and video, newsletters, widgets of your social networks, interactive map, online chat, backup, contact form, etc.

Here are some of the technical specifications that I can integrate:

  • WordPress o Joomla
  • Responsive graphic layout
  • Custom pages
  • Management panel
  • Contact form
  • Photo gallery
  • Maps
  • Statistics
  • SEO Optimization
  • Social connection
  • Shop with cart
  • Short course on use
  • Installation on your domain

do you need help customizing your website? contact me

Who I am

Sound engineer, pianist, web designer , arranger, composer

Starting in 1991 while I was in the last years of piano at the Conservatory, I started to take an interest in audio recordings and websites.

C.Alberto Bonazzi - an evening at the local Spirito di Vigarano Mainarda

And that’s how at the age of eighteen I opened my first recording studio as a pianist, sound engineer, web designer, arranger, composer, developing my knowledge in the field of sound processing.

In the meantime I have deepened some programming languages of the websites (html, css) leading up to now to the creation of any type of site through wordpress or joomla.

Audio and IT technologies are constantly evolving and the great passion allows me to stay updated, helping me to carry out my creations with determination and love.

For more than 10 years I have been playing as a pianist in the Estetango, orquesta of Argentine tango.

If you have any questions contact me! Bye

C.Alberto Bonazzi


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