Recording Studio

il mio studio di registrazione privato

Private recording studio, consisting of a direction and a small shooting room on the front, equipped with audio equipment and microphones with condenser . The audio software I have used for years are Cubase and Wavelab equipped with vst plugins suitable for audio mixing and / or the burning process.

Without music, life would be a mistake.(Friedrich Nietzsche)

I am possibly available for collaborations , arrangements, recordings of voices, choirs or solo instruments. My recording studio is not equipped for microphone recording of live bands simultaneously.

do you want to record your voice or your instrument? write to me

Data sheet

Daw & Vst plugins

  • Cubase e Wavelab
  • Waves Goldvst
  • Scheps Omni Channelvst
  • SSL4000 E-Channelvst
  • Compressors: CLA-76, CLA-2A e CLA-3Avst
  • WLM Loudness Metervst
  • AbbeyRoad TG Masteringvst
  • Audio Interface US-144 Tascam 24-bit/96kHz
  • Stereo recorder Tascam DR-05X 24-bit/96kHz
  • DAT Tascam DA30 Mk-II
  • DAT Sony E-670

Expanders & Synths

  • TG-500 Yamaha
  • M3R Korg
  • Proteus 1-XR Emu
  • D4 Alesis + Ddrums & Pads Casio
  • D-70 Roland
  • Piano Gem 88 weighted keys
  • Masterkeyboard Fatar Studio2001 88 weighted keys
  • Element 2.0 Analog Synthvst
  • Bass Slappervst
  • Rhapsody Pianovst
  • El. Grand 80 Pianovst

Analog Outboards

  • Drawmer 1960 Vacuum Tube
  • LXP-1 Reverb Lexicon
  • Expander Mixer Behringer
  • SPX900 Yamaha

Nearfield Monitors

  • NS-10M Studio Yamaha
  • 20/20 Event
  • 5C Auratone
  • n.2 Amplifier Sony


  • MC-740N Beyerdynamic
  • E-300 Cad Equitek
  • n.2 Akg SE300B + CK-93
  • D112 Akg
  • SM57 Shure


  • K-270 Studio Akg
  • K-240 Akg
  • Sennheizer
  • Sony ecc.
  • Amplifier Fostex 5 cuffie

Website creation

If you are interested, I also take care of the graphic design and programming of websites in wordpress or joomla , at any level, with the possibility of expanding the functions such as inserting an online store (e-commerce), newsletter, social networks, interactive maps, chats, backups, contact forms, etc.

need help customizing your website? contact me